Marie Claire

Marie Claire - Is cosmetic surgery for you?

.........While dentists argue that they have exceptional knowledge of the physiology of the face, detractors say that's not enough. 'Dentists are well trained but I think it's wrong to say they are specialists,' says Dr John Curran from the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. These are medical procedures, not beauty treatments, and should be treated as such.

Some dentists have made the decision to stay within their own field. 'A one-stop shop suits some people and some dentists, but I prefer my patients to see a specialist for each type treatment' says Harley Street dentist Dr Anthony Zybutz.

The government too seems concerned and this year announced reforms of the regulations covering cosmetic surgery to deal with the number of unqualified people - from beauticians to nurses administering treatments without a licence.

Marie Claire - September 2005.

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Daily Express

Daily Express - 'My new smile gave me an instant boost'

10 am: TEETH WHITENING - £1, 100

I arrived at the Harley Street practice of cosmetic dentist Anthony Zybutz for a spot of teeth whitening. And for the second time in an hour I was told to stop smoking, as my teeth are visibly stained. To clean them up, Anthony scanned a bright white light with a red filter across my teeth, then covered them with gel and put a mouth guard over my jaw. After an hour, he removed the mouth guard and I was amazed by my dazzling pearly whites. Anthony also recommended that I avoid drinking tea or coffee or foods with colourings in for a couple of days.

Some people say the treatment is extremely painful but luckily it didn't hurt me.

VERDICT: I was delighted with my new smile. OK, the treatment was pricey but I reckon it was worth every penny as it gave me an instant boost.


Anthony also fixed my right front tooth, which I'd chipped four years ago, with a special bonding material that should last for some years.

VERDICT: Why did I never bother to have this done before? The chip was so uneven that looking at old photos it was even more noticeable than the staining - my front teeth now look fantastic.

Dr Anthony Zybutz Dental Practice, 39 Harley Street, London W1. 020 7580 9541.

Daily Express - August 29th 2005.

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