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Indulge yourself with some once-in-a-lifetime tricks and treats for a glamorous A-list look on your wedding day

A dazzling smile a set of pearly white teeth to make that smile just perfect is a must for any bride. But what if your pearly whites are just a little off colour.

Then cosmetic dentistry in the form of tooth whitening is the answer. Harley Street Dentist Dr Anthony Zybutz recommends two types of professional whitening for brides. 'Instant Laser' Whitening which he describes as "a fantastic lunchtime fix that will whiten teeth up to eight shades brighter." and home whitening .

Dr Zybutz, advises 'instant Laser' Whitening about two months before the wedding as no busy bride wants to worry about treatments any closer to the date. Instant whitening is done in just an hour and when combined with a home whitening system brides will achieve perfect results. Home whitening trays allow you to maintain your newly whitened smile forever and should be worn for 30 minutes to one hour each day.

Should you be thinking of buying one of the many home whitening packs in chemists and supermarkets, you should be wary of some of the things that can go wrong. "The trays are not custom-made and therefore generally uncomfortable and allow gel to leak out which irritates and inflames gums" warns Dr Zybutz.

And, finally do exercise caution in the searching for your cosmetic dentist. Ask to see before and after pictures and note which professional organisations they belong to. Instant Laser Whitening including home system can cost around £550 for your top teeth and £550 your bottom. Home whitening system costs around £600 for top and bottom teeth. For more information contact Dr Zybutz on 020 7580 9541 or visit

Wedding Ideas article August 2005

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