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Everyone say cheese

PROBLEM - 'I've got fangs like Dracula'

SOLUTION - Cosmetic contouring

Got pointy canines? Then contouring is a simple, non-invasive, pain-free procedure that can make a stunning difference.

Dentists gently shave down the enamel, shortening, softening or smoothing your teeth to give you a more symmetrical smile. Some dentists like Dr Anthony Zybutz of the 39 Harley Street Dental Practice in London, use contouring before committing to a bigger procedure, such as veneers, 'Lots of us have jumbled lower teeth' he says.

It's amazing what a difference simply evening out the edges can make to your smile overall.

HOW MUCH? From £300,

PROBLEM - 'My gums are receding'

SOLUTION - Gum graft

Receding gums are largely the fault of your genes, but smoking, very hot drinks and poor oral hygiene don't help. Severe recession can make your teeth look overly long and they lose their nice arch shape as the beginning of the roots start to show, A graft where the gum is taken from one part of your mouth (under local anaesthetic) and grafted onto your teeth, sounds scary but the gum fuses almost straight away and you can be back at work the next day, according to Dr Zybutz. A less invasive technique involves sliding existing gum down your teeth to minimise the appearance of recession. ‘Though you have to have enough gum there in the first place’ explains Dr Zybutz.

HOW MUCH? About £500 per tooth.

PROBLEM -'I really hate my teeth'

SOLUTION - Total smile makeover

If you want to make big changes to your teeth your dentist can use a range of techniques to create the best results, 'The move today is towards less invasive surgery and using a combination of skills to tailor the treatment just for you,’ explains Dr Zybutz. 'Whether your teeth are crooked, gappy, stick out, stick in, or are severely discoloured, veneers are the most aesthetic and least aggressive course to take.'

HOW MUCH? From at least £7,000.

Top Sante article, July 2005.

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