Why Use a Cosmetic Dentist?

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Why use a cosmetic dentist? It’s a question that we often hear from people that for many years have regularly visited their NHS dentist and can see no particular reason to change to a cosmetic dentist.

So what are the benefits for someone moving from their NHS dentist to a private cosmetic dental practice – What can we do for them?

Whilst there is no particular criticism of NHS dental practices, the reality is that they are limited in the range of treatments that can be offered and those that do offer extra cosmetic treatments, are nearly always done on a private basis. So, for extractions, fillings and other basic treatments NHS dentists are acceptable; however there may be less investment in the technologies used which may mean that the equipment is not of the latest standards.

If you do change to a cosmetic dental practice however, there are a much wider range of treatments available that will give you back that white straight smile which you won’t get on the NHS alone. Instead of an amalgam filling which is strong but unattractive, a cosmetic dentist can place a tooth coloured filling so that people will not notice that grey metal in your teeth.

Whilst a NHS dentist may polish your teeth, we can offer a high quality teeth whitening service that can be done in around one hour.

Probably our most popular procedure however is the dental implant which is ideal for those who have lost a tooth permanently. Instead of a cumbersome and uncomfortable denture, we can now attach a dental crown to a dental implant that will last for around thirty years, providing a tooth that you can eat anything you like with without fear of it becoming loose or even worse, falling out. No more eating only soft foods again.

This also brings us to cost; a factor that many mention. Yes, it’s true that a cosmetic dentist is likely to be more expensive. However, if we use a dental implant as an example; provided that it is looked after as a normal tooth would be and that check ups are continued, there is no reason why an implant should not last for thirty years or more. So if you spread the cost over a thirty year period, it suddenly no longer seems as expensive.

So, if you are looking for more than just a filling or extraction and would like to have straighter and whiter teeth to boost your confidence, why not contact us to discuss the options that are available to you. Our professional staff at 39 Harley Street in London will be very pleased to assist you with all aspects of your dental health.

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