Smile Makeover for Great Smiles!

Harley Street Smile Makeover – Dr Anthony Zybutz

Many cosmetic dental procedures when used together are often referred to as a smile makeover. This is derived from an older term called the Hollywood smile which was so-called due to the dental work carried out on early Hollywood stars.

Naturally, for a big film star of the time, it was important to have a big white smile that showed up well on screen. Unfortunately, rudimentary dental practices along with an unhealthy lifestyle, often meant that many famous actors and actresses of the day had very poor quality teeth. Consequently studios insisted that dentists carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures to give them the desired white smile to improve their on-screen looks.

In many ways, very little has changed and it is unusual to see a major film star who does not have almost perfect white teeth. It used to be thought that having this beautiful white smile was out of the range of most ordinary people, but with cosmetic dental practices now being found in most cities in the UK, the ‘Hollywood’ white smile is now available to an increasing number of people.

The treatments needed to reproduce that white smile very much depend on the individual’s teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will discuss the various options with you at the initial consultation. For some, it may simply be a straightforward teeth whitening procedure that is needed if the teeth are already straight and in good condition. For others, if the discolouration is too severe, or the teeth chipped or cracked, dental veneers may be needed to return them to their whiteness.

For many people, the smile makeover would probably not need to be any more involved than these two procedures. However, other procedures may be carried out if further work is needed such as orthodontics, for straightening the teeth or if teeth are too crowded. Crowns or caps may be used where the teeth are badly damaged or possibly even dental implants to replace any missing teeth.

Although many of the procedures such as veneers or crowns have traditionally had to be carried out over two or more visits; with the aid of CEREC, a chair side scanning and manufacturing facility and by using mini dental implants where needed, most of these procedures can now be carried out in a single visit. This allows the patient to leave the dental practice the same day with a brand new white smile!

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