Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Treatment for migraine in Harley Street London

Migraine is suffered by a great many people across the UK.  The symptoms vary but are often described as a severe pounding or throbbing pain in the head. These can last for up to several days although usually they last for several hours, but even that is several hours of intense pain and suffering. Light sensitivity is also a common issue for many and the overall effect of migraine can be to prevent a person going about their daily business until it has passed.

A major cause of migraine, though not the only one, is caused by people grinding their teeth, mainly whilst asleep; this is known as bruxism. Whilst there is medication which can help with migraine, the best solution is to get to the root of the problem and prevent it from happening in the first place. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry now has a solution which works for many people. This solution is called the NTI-tss (tension suppression system). The purpose of the NTI-tss is to ensure that the patient relaxes the muscles that are used during clenching and grinding of the teeth.

It is, in effect, a bite stop which is worn at the front of the teeth during the night time and which prevents contact between the teeth. These NTI-tss’s are customised by a professional dentist to fit each person individually.

The NTI-tss works by reducing the strength of the clenching by activating a nerve reflex which then causes the muscles to relax and it also prevents the teeth from coming into contact with each other. This not only reduces the tension but also prevents the teeth from being worn down over a period of time when they come into contact with each other during the grinding process.

The treatment is entirely drug free and so there are no risks of side effects. However, the NTI-tss should be fitted by a professional dentist in exactly the same way as an invisible brace or dental implant would be.

It should be said that before the NTI-tss is fitted, it is important that the patient visits their doctor to ensure that the problem is genuinely a migraine and that there are no other problems behind the headaches. Once this has been professionally established, then the NTI-tss can be fitted.

Surveys of NTI-tss users have found that some find the system offers some relief immediately, whilst most reported a significant reduction within eight weeks of the NTI-tss being fitted.

The NTI-tss system was approved by the US food and drug administration in 1988.

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