Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Fear of the Dentist

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Helps Dental Phobia – Harley Street

You may think that you are alone in your fear of visiting a dentist but did you know that around one in five people living in Great Britain have a fear of dentists phobia?

In some ways this is perhaps unsurprising as whilst none of us like anything unpleasant to happen to us, if we have an operation for example, it generally tends to be in an area away from our face. With dental procedures however, not only are they near our face but they are right in it so any pain or sensation that we feel feels very closely connected to us.

So what can be done to re-assure a nervous dental patient? Well, thankfully more and more dentists have become aware of the image of them that some people have held for years of someone who perhaps even enjoys inflicting pain. Dentists now take these fears much more seriously and have gone to great lengths to create a calm welcoming environment in their dental practices decorating in calming colours and perhaps having soothing music playing or even an aquarium which can have a similar effect. The facilities at our modern Harley Street practice follow these principles to help put you at ease.

Whilst this helps somewhat, it is even more important for the dentist to convey a calm confident atmosphere – we hope you will notice this as soon as you walk into our modern premises.

Techniques and instruments have also improved over the years with new technologies producing precision tools and instruments. Trends have changed too; whilst once, any tooth that was causing a problem may well have simply been extracted, most good dentists now practice minimally invasive dentistry where no more teeth will be removed than is necessary and a filling will not be used where bonding is just as suitable etc. This ensures that there are no unnecessary procedures carried out and the patient will be as comfortable as possible.

Prevention too is increasingly important and most dentists will now recommend that you see the hygienist who will discuss your lifestyle with you and suggest changes to diet and care of your teeth to prevent decay and consequently any procedures that may need to be carried out if you neglect your teeth.

Of course, sometimes there is no alternative to a procedure and for the more invasive of these; a local anaesthetic will be used. These are now very fast acting and powerful and you should feel no pain during a procedure.

For some people however, even all these factors combined will not placate their dental phobia and for them, many dentists now offer conscious sedation which allows the patient to stay conscious throughout a procedure but in a very relaxed state.  Whilst using conscious sedation, time seems to speed up and a procedure which perhaps took half an hour may well feel like it is all over in a minute or two for the patient. One word of caution though if you feel that this may be for you is to ensure that you have someone with you who can drive you home as you will not be able to drive or even perhaps take public transport until the effect wears off a little later.

We are proud of our reputation for sensitive treatments for patients who suffer with dental fear or even phobia so please call our friendly Harley Street team for more advice.

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