Migraine and Tension Headache Relief

It may not be a treatment you would expect to find at a dentist, but here at 39 Harley Street, we are able to offer a revolutionary drug free treatment for migraine and tension headache relief alongside our other dental services.

Known as NTI-tss or ‘tension suppression system’, it has been shown to have around an 80% success rate in reducing or eliminating migraines all together. In many cases, relief is often almost immediate.

So what is an NTI-tss ?

It is a small removable plastic device that is fitted to the patients’ upper front teeth and prevents contact being made between the back teeth during the patient’s sleep. The NTI-tss has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

As it has been found that migraine sufferers often clench their jaws with an intensity more than 14 times as strong as non migraine sufferers, it is easy to see how this device, which eliminates the clenching of the jaws, can offer a simple yet effective solution to the problem.

The NTI-tss works in a different manner to a full mouth guard, which allows patients to clench their jaw as though to grind their teeth, but prevents actual contact being made between the teeth. The NTI-tss however actually prevents the clenching of the jaw by suppressing the contraction of the temporalis muscles during sleep.

The NTI-tss also has several advantages over a traditional mouth guard in that it is easier to place, with fewer adjustments needed, and is also generally considered to be more comfortable for the patient, avoiding potential gag reflex, as well as being more effective. As well as helping to rid the patient of migraines and tension headaches, it is also often helpful in relieving neck pains and sore jaws.

The NTI-tss is designed to prevent an over ‘opening’ of the patients teeth as this would also create a strain on the joint of the jaw which would have a similar effect to the clenching it is designed to prevent.

As the NTI-tss will be created on your initial visit, it will be fitted by your dentist and be ready for immediate use.

Before undertaking this treatment to reduce or eliminate migraines, it is of course important to visit your doctor to eliminate other potential problems that may be causing the migraines and headaches.

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