Getting Rid of Migraine – The Dental Way

Migraine Treatment in Harley Street London

It is estimated that around one in every seven people in the UK suffer, to some degree, from migraine attacks. This can be extremely painful and debilitating, often causing the sufferer to need to lie down for several hours until the migraine has passed.

There are several over the counter medicines and prescription drugs which can help, but there is a lesser known method, performed by some dentists, that has been shown to have a high success rate.

This method, known as NTI-tss and also Tension Suppression System is thought to have a success rate in the region of 80%, either to eliminate the migraine altogether or, at the very least, cause a great reduction in intensity. Unlike some medications too, the effects are almost immediate.

Simply by fitting a removable piece of plastic (the NTI-tss) onto the front teeth of a migraine sufferer, this prevents the back teeth from making contact, especially during sleep. This is important as many migraine sufferers have been shown to grind their rear teeth together whilst asleep. Whilst this is not uncommon; for those suffering with migraine, this is done with such an intensity (around 14 times as strong as non migraine sufferers) that it is thought to show a level of stress which can cause migraines.

In order to prevent the back teeth from being ground together, the NTI-tss suppresses the contraction of the temporalis muscles whilst the person is asleep. This prevents any contact being made at all.

Unlike a traditional mouth guard which also prevents contact being made with the rear teeth, the NTI-tss is considered much more comfortable to wear. Unlike a mouth guard, it is easier to adjust to the correct position and because it is placed at the front of the mouth, away from the throat, there is no chance of a gag reflex.

The NTI-tss is usually fitted by our Harley Street dentist on your initial visit and is ready for use from that moment. It is specially designed to prevent any over opening of the mouth as this can, in itself, put strain upon the jaws causing as many problems as it was intended to correct.

Before enquiring at your dental practice about the NTI-tss however, it is strongly advised to consult your doctor to check that there are no serious conditions which could be causing your migraines. If this is all clear, then the NTI-tss could be the perfect solution to rid yourself of your migraine attacks.

If you are suffering from migraine in London, please contact our Harley Street dentist for more advice about our NTI-tss migraine relief system.

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