The History of Harley Street

The Harley Street Dental and Medical Community

As proud occupants of a beautiful Georgian property in the heart of the medical centre of London, we thought you might be interested in a little of the history of the world famous Harley Street.

Some of the best known areas of London are synonymous with certain trades. For example, Fleet Street has long been associated with the Newspaper Industry and Carnaby Street with fashion.

Harley Street first became popular with the medical profession around 1850. Initially there were only around 20 doctors in the area but this increased to 200 by the turn of the century and by the time the NHS was established in 1948, it had risen to 1,500 and today it is estimated that there are more than 3000 people employed in the medical profession in the Harley Street area.

The attractive Georgian housing and nearby major train stations of Kings Cross and St Pancras are likely reasons for the area being selected by doctors and dentists, but although best known for the medical professions, Harley Street has also had its share of historical celebrities from outside the profession including English Prime Minister, William Gladstone and the artist William Turner. It is also said that the Duke of Wellington met his wife in Harley Street.

However, the opening of the Medical Society of London in 1873 and The Royal Society of Medicine in 1912, firmly put Harley Street on the map for people seeking medical and dental treatment in London and from across the UK.

Of course, the range of practitioners in Harley Street is wide and varied and historically has included Florence Nightingale when she was Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen, which was based at No 1 Harley Street and also Dr Edward Bach, who developed the Bach Flower Remedy.

So, as you can see, by residing at our beautiful Georgian premises at 39 Harley Street, our dental practice is in good company historically and now provides an inviting and welcoming place for all of our valued clients.

Dr Anthony Zybutz – Harley Street Dentist – London

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