Denture Stabilisation

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Once a tooth has been lost, whether through decay or accident; patients have a choice to make. If the tooth is fairly well hidden, the patient may decide to simply live with the gap or may decide on dental implants.

However, once several teeth have been lost, over the years, dentures have been the only real option available to most people.  Of course, as technology has advanced, these dentures, whether full or partial, have certainly improved in appearance and can be an effective way of replacing missing teeth. Even with these advances however, there are still a few drawbacks to dentures which are well documented by the experience of many people.

Once natural teeth have been lost, the bone in the jaw starts to disappear and this gradually causes a change of shape of the facial structure. This in turn means that the dentures are now no longer held as securely in place as when they were initially fitted. This is the main reason that people often complain about ill fitting and loose dentures which also often cause irritation of the gums.

So, what is the answer to this problem?

For those who are due to have dentures fitted and those who have long had dentures; your dentures can now be held firmly in place using mini dental implants. Not only this but if you are a new denture wearer, the use of this method can also help prevent the bone loss in your jaw.

To stabilise dentures, we use dental implants which are perhaps best known for use on individual teeth or bridges. However, they can be used on both partial and full dentures. To do this, 4 dental implants are placed at precise positions into the jawbone which will have been determined beforehand using x-rays and scans for accuracy. Once these are in place, your dentures can be firmly attached to the dental implants which in effect, anchor them into place leaving them secure and strong.

One concern that some people have mentioned is how to remove them if they are anchored into place, however, the method used allows you to simply snap them from the implants to clean them and then place them back in very simply. Despite this, the implants will hold the dentures very firmly in place whilst talking and eating and therefore there is no danger of them falling out or becoming loose and no more embarrassment of that happening whilst in company.

This simple yet effective method will improve your confidence and give you a real reason to smile once again.

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