Dentistry and Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief Harley Street London

If you suffer from migraine or severe headaches, there’s a very good chance that you wouldn’t even think about a visit to a dentist to get some relief from the symptoms.

At 39 Harley Street, we offer a revolutionary migraine relief treatment called NTI-tss which reduces and can even eliminate headaches and migraines.

Many headaches and migraines are caused by an incorrect bite or sometimes bruxism, or teeth grinding. Whilst some relaxation therapies may help in relieving this if it is caused by stress, for many people, the grinding occurs mainly at night when they have no control over it.

By preventing teeth grinding, this will help to remove or at least ease the pains of headaches and migraines and this can be done using the simple yet effective NTI-tss system.

The NTI tss system can go a long way to help with preventing the grinding of teeth during the night. Unlike a full mouth guard, the NTI tss device fits over the front teeth and prevents them and consequently, all other teeth from being allowed to grind together, especially whilst asleep. The device can also be made to be worn during the day but in most cases, it is usually only worn at night.

Even if headaches and migraines are not present, continually grinding, especially if aggressive, will cause damage to the teeth and also cause a mis-alignment of the jaw which is likely to lead to further problems and discomfort. This small and unobtrusive device has been proven to be successful with between around 75% and 85% or users reporting great improvements in their headaches and migraines.

To sample how exactly a NTI-tss can benefit you, simply place your fingers on your temples and bite down firmly with your rear teeth; you will feel the muscles around your temples move significantly. These are the muscles widely thought to be where migraine problems start. Now, take a pencil and place between your front teeth and bite down so that your rear teeth do not meet. You will notice much reduced flexing of the muscles in the temple and this is how the NTI-tss works. Naturally, it is dangerous as well as nearly impossible to sleep with a pencil between your teeth and the NTI-tss is specially designed for this purpose and causes no discomfort.

So, if you do suffer from bruxism or are experiencing headaches and migraines, why not contact us at 39 Harley Street and we can discuss whether the NTI-tss treatment will be of benefit to you for your migraine and headache problems.

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