Should I see a general or cosmetic dentist?

Why a cosmetic dentist may be the best choice

Dental care is something that many people take for granted, however, there are many people who perhaps missed an appointment several years ago and never re-arranged it. Although they may feel that they have no need to visit a dentist, the reality is that this type of neglect will catch up with them in the years to come, perhaps resulting in a painful procedure to rectify a long neglected problem. Some recent studies have also linked some dental problems such as plaque build up to heart disease and other problems although these studies are in their early stages.

Most people do manage to keep up their six monthly appointments with their dentist and these appointments are essential for good maintenance and health of your teeth. Occasionally you may need a small filling or a bit of a clean to get rid of the plaque that has build up if you haven’t taken as good a care of your teeth as you perhaps should have done. Despite these regular visits, most regular dentists are limited in the range of dental services that they can provide their patients with and these tend to be the essential ones and not necessarily the ones that you would actually like to have. Sometimes this limited range is due to limited training but very often it is down to funding issues; this applies especially to NHS dentists in the UK. Whilst regular dentists may be able to provide crowns and bridges for instance, they will not be qualified to perform procedures such as a dental implant or an all on four procedure.

For more advanced cosmetic dental procedures you will need to see a fully qualified cosmetic dentist who will have had many years of extra training and experience in order to perform a wide range of procedures.

Cosmetic dentists not only concentrate solely on benefitting the structural condition of your teeth, but also improving their appearance too, which not only improves your looks but will almost certainly lead to an increase in confidence with all the benefits that will bring to you, both personally and financially.

As well as providing dental implants or an all on four to replace lost teeth, a cosmetic dentist can also help to improve the whiteness and evenness of your teeth. If you have straight teeth that are in good condition other than perhaps a bit of discolouration, which occurs naturally as we get older, then a simple one hour tooth whitening procedure may be all that is needed. Many people however have a few chips, cracks or slightly uneven front teeth as well as some staining or discolouration and for them dental veneers are more likely to provide the most suitable solution. Whichever of these solutions are the most appropriate, these are procedures which are usually not available at your regular dentist and you will need to arrange a consultation with your local cosmetic dentist to discuss the best options available for you.

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