Tooth Reshaping

A minor cosmetic dental procedures offering great results – tooth reshaping

Mostly, we perhaps don’t look too closely at our own teeth unless there is an obvious defect such as a large chip in our tooth which may need bonding or even a dental veneer fitted. Usually though, if we inspect our teeth closer, we will notice quite a few minor defects in them such as small grooves or uneven edges perhaps. Whilst these are not major problems, they do have an effect on our ability to have a perfect smile. Our Harley Street cosmetic dentist though, offers a procedure which can resolve these problems and is called tooth reshaping or sometimes, tooth contouring. This is done by polishing the teeth in order to remove a very small amount of the enamel from the surface of the teeth. This will usually be done to all of the teeth surrounding the ‘faulty’ one so that have a consistent appearance. This is a simple procedure that involves no discomfort at all and is nearly always done without anaesthetic.

By doing this simple procedure, any small defects in the teeth can be largely eliminated and allows the teeth to be correctly aligned once more. This does also help to make your teeth easier to keep clean which in turn will be of benefit to your overall health. Of course, this procedure is not for more serious defects and for these, a dental veneer may be a better option but you should discuss this with your cosmetic dentist before deciding the best option for you.

There is little risk to this procedure as an x-ray will be taken prior to it being performed to ensure that there is no underlying problem that may need more treatment. You may find, as with some tooth whitening that your teeth are a little sensitive to hot and cold for a few days but this will soon return to normal. You should have no problem in eating straight after the procedure has been done although it may be best to avoid foods such as ice cream to avoid any sensitivity issues.

One obvious danger to this procedure which many people worry about is if too much enamel is removed, exposing the more vulnerable part of the tooth. This is especially likely if the person has a habit of grinding their teeth (bruxism) which is likely to cause natural wearing of the enamel. The danger though is virtually zero due to x-rays being taken and you should also remember that the cosmetic dentist is an expert and will only perform this procedure if there is no risk to the health of your teeth.

Although this is a relatively minor cosmetic dental procedure and does not rank alongside more significant ones such as dental implants or even a tooth whitening procedure, small changes such as this to your teeth can make a big difference to your smile, leaving you happier and more confident.

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