Teeth in a Day

Harley Street Dental Implants for new “Teeth in a Day”

Many people lose teeth through ageing, others are unfortunate enough to lose teeth through accidents earlier in life. Undoubtedly this has a major and debilitating effect on self esteem and personal confidence and up until very recently the only partial remedy to this has been old-style loose dentures. Loose teeth and dentures not only affect confidence but can also detract from a healthy diet when certain foods cannot be consumed efficiently.

However, there is now a viable and time efficient modern solution.

Led by our Harley Street Dentist Dr Anthony Zybutz (AACD/UCL/Eastman) and supported by specialist implant Periodontist Dr Michael Zybutz, we now provide the state-of-the-art, revolutionary “Teeth in a Day” technique to place dental implants. The usual process of implantology can be drawn out, often extending over 6 months or more. It can sometimes be painful and frequently involves bone grafting to augment the jaw where the implants are supported.

The new Teeth in a Day process works whereby you receive your new teeth in a single day offering a fast, natural and genuine alternative to traditional dental implants. We have also found that a number of people who were unsuitable for conventional implants could be treated very successfully with the new technique, helping them to be more confident, smile, eat normally and laugh once again. Another smile recovered!

Please contact us for an information pack and to book an initial consultation.

Drs Anthony and Michael Zybutz

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