Straightening Teeth the Discreet Way

Invisible Braces and Veneers Harley Street

One of the biggest fears in childhood for many people was probably being told that they would need to have braces fitted to straighten their teeth. For some, this was perhaps the last visit they ever made to their dentist! Of course, when you are in your teens, you are especially self conscious and it’s true that a mouth full of metal braces would probably not be the best news.

Thankfully with the advent of invisible braces (also sometimes called aligners) it is no longer necessary to live life with crooked teeth.

Invisible braces, as the name suggests, are made of clear medical grade plastic and are almost invisible to the casual observer. Whilst they may be more noticeable on close inspection, very few casual observers will notice them. This is a huge benefit for those who already lack confidence but also a great improvement for anyone looking for a discreet way of straightening their teeth.

To fit the braces, an impression of the patient’s teeth is made and using the latest technology, the desired position of the teeth is registered. These results are then sent to a laboratory for the clear braces to be manufactured. Unlike traditional braces where the brace was simply tightened gradually to slowly move the teeth into position; invisible braces work by making a set of them, each one to gradually encourage your crooked teeth to the next position. When that position has been achieved, the wearer simply moves to the next set of clear braces which encourage them even further. This usually takes place over 4 or 5 stages depending on the severity of the crookedness of the teeth.

The other major benefit of invisible braces apart from their being discreet, is that they can simply be removed prior to eating, so if you have an important social occasion to attend, you can simply remove the braces prior to going out.

In addition to this, invisible braces make cleaning your teeth much easier as you simply remove them before cleaning your teeth and replace them afterwards; it is as simple as that. As well as being easier, this also prevents food particles from becoming trapped in the braces which often occurred with traditional braces. This often led to tooth decay and occasionally halitosis.

Sometimes however, even the best braces are insufficient to correct the most badly misaligned teeth and in this circumstance, a great result can often be achieved using dental veneers. Sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”, dental veneers are a great way to mask significant tooth defects.

So, thanks to the great advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible to have your teeth straightened quickly but in a discreet and easy manner.

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