Smile in a Day

Same day dental implants

There may be times when you find yourself at short notice, asked to attend an important function or perhaps even to appear on TV. Looking in the mirror you may notice that your teeth are not as white as they used to be and worry that it would take a long time to return them to their former whiteness.

Thankfully, much can be done by a cosmetic dentist in a single day to greatly improve the appearance and health of your teeth. For example, a simple one hour tooth whitening process which involves a teeth whitening gel being placed on the teeth and activated using an ultra violet light. This whitens the molecules in the teeth by up to a factor of seven, leaving a significant improvement.

If this teeth whitening treatment alone isn’t enough due to perhaps poor care of the teeth through smoking etc, it is possible, using Cerec technology to take an impression of the teeth and create dental veneers whilst the patient waits. These can then be fitted to the front of the teeth once a very thin layer has been removed. These will not only give the teeth a much whiter appearance but can also be used to give a more regular appearance to the teeth and will also cover any chips or cracks that the teeth may have.

The tooth whitening procedure can be repeated a number of times to create the correct level of whiteness whilst the dental veneers should last in the region of ten years and so can be thought of as being longer term.

If the teeth are in a really poor state or have been lost, it is possible to replace these with replacement teeth by using mini dental implants to hold these in place. The dental implants are made from titanium which bonds to bone extremely well and creates a solid foundation on which to place the replacement teeth.

These options should ensure that within the space of a day, you can go from having poor uneven and discoloured teeth to an even set of white teeth which will not only look much better but will give you an increased confidence too.

In the first instance, we suggest that you contact us to arrange a consultation to ascertain the most appropriate treatment for your own circumstances and let us see what we can do to help you.

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