What can a cosmetic dentist offer you?

Some advantages of cosmetic dentistry

It’s probably safe to say that most people would much rather have an attractive white smile than one which revealed yellowing, crooked or broken teeth. Strangely enough though, whilst most people do keep regular dental appointments, these are usually ‘maintenance’ only ones which result in the odd filling or extraction and very rarely anything that will actually improve the appearance of the teeth such as veneers or even a dental implant. As Bob Dylan once said though, ‘the times they are a changing’ and increasingly, we see people turning to cosmetic dentists around the country to improve the visual appeal of their teeth as well as the actual structure.

Our Harley Street cosmetic dentists are highly qualified professionals and have usually had lengthy extra training in order to perform a wider range of dental procedures. They are fully skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of most dental problems, whether cosmetic or otherwise. This includes problems such as gum disease (gingivitis) and in many cases, problems with the jaw bone tissues themselves.

Unlike many dentists, cosmetic dentists are also fully comitted to minimally invasive dentistry where as much of the original structire will be left intact as possible and no ‘extra’ work will be done unless needed, unless otherwise requested for cosmetic reasons of course. For procedures such as dental implants, you can be assured that only the best materials will be used to replace your lost tooth. This is in possible contrast to some of the dental practices abroad which offer cheap dental implants. Many of these cut back on the cost of the materials in order to keep down the prices. Whilst this may all seem very honourable, it is likely to result in the dental implants lasting a significantly less time than the twenty years or more which should be the case if top quality implants are used.

Broadly speaking, cosmetic dental work falls into two main categories, purely cosmetic and corrective. The purely cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening which can result in a seven fold improvement of the whiteness of your teeth. Dental veneers too are used predominantly to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth although they can also be used to replace a cracked or chipped surface, so in that respect there are elements of a corrective treatment. Even corrective treatments such as dental implants also have an element of cosmetic purpose about them and indeed, some people do use dental implants purely for cosmetic purposes. For most people though, they are perhaps more often used to provide a strong replacement for a lost tooth.

Whether you are looking solely to improve the appearance of your teeth though, or whether you have a structural problem, making an appointment to be assessed by a cosmetic dentist can change your life and give you the confidence in life that can be gained by having beautiful teeth.

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