The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Depending on your age, you may well remember a time when a visit to the dentist entailed, if you were lucky, just a check up or possibly a filling or extraction. The main form of cosmetic dentistry then was the fitting of a clunky metallic brace to straighten out your teeth.

These days it seems cosmetic dentists are everywhere; but why has this practice taken off like it has done? After all, dentists are rarely a place where people like to visit unless they have to do.

Perhaps the media has played a hand in this, studying in detail the life of the stars along with the increasing amount of ‘reality TV’ has probably made some of us believe that we too can be a star if only we can get ourselves in the national spotlight. Part of this close up study of celebrities of course has involved the cosmetic procedures that they have had done, including dental work.  Whilst some of us may not perhaps approve of the celebrity obsession, there is little doubt that it has highlighted the possibilities as far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned. Many people have probably felt that this kind of treatment was out of their reach and only available to the wealthy, but with everyday people becoming celebrities almost overnight, we have seen that many have had cosmetic dental work such as tooth whitening done despite their income perhaps being in a similar bracket to our own.

This recognition has allowed people to rethink their attitude towards dental work; no longer is it seen as a ‘repair shop’ for damaged teeth, but more often somewhere that can restore the health and aesthetic qualities of our teeth. Whether this be simply a tooth whitening procedure to make our smile whiter, or perhaps the use of invisible braces to straighten out our teeth, or even dental implants to replace our missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry is proving to be more accessible than ever before.

It has long been a standing joke in the US about the state of British teeth and many US cartoons often depict us with crooked or protruding teeth. The growth of the cosmetic industry in the UK though may well change these attitudes as more and more of us become aware of the possibilities of dental implants and similar procedures.  If you are new to cosmetic dentistry, why not take a look through our website and see some of the procedures that are available; they could well change your life, as well as your smile.

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