Cosmetic Dentistry for Older People

The Older Generation Can Really Benefit From Cosmetic Dentistry.

It is often thought that cosmetic dentistry is only for the young and potentially beautiful. What, then, happens as we get older as we all hopefully will? There is no doubt that we will not look the same as we did in our youth, in fact, as each cell is replaced every seven years, some may say we are a different person altogether! That aside however, ageing is a fact of life and one that has advantages such as wisdom etc. Very few of us though appreciate the more negative aspects of getting older, especially our appearance. The good news is that we can at least do something towards looking good, even in our later years.

One of the aspects of ageing is that, inevitably, our teeth will not be in as good a condition as they were when we were younger. Some of us will loose teeth through decay or accidents whilst others may be relatively lucky and retain most of our natural teeth. Even so, these will suffer from discolouration which is unavoidable even if we avoid things that make them worse such as coffee and red wine. Increasingly, older people are now turning to cosmetic dentists to improve the quality of their teeth, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to enable them to eat and speak easily. One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures for older people is tooth whitening. This is entirely natural and whitening the teeth a few shades certainly improves the appearance of the teeth. Some people though will find that their teeth are too badly discoloured for this and will, instead, opt to have dental veneers fitted to bring back the whiteness.

On a more practical level, many older people that have lost teeth will have had dentures fitted. Because of the bone loss over a period of time though, many people find that these become uncomfortable and move around in their mouth causing sore and sometimes bleeding gums. For those that have partial dentures to replace a tooth or two, dental implants may be the answer here as they, in effect, replace a tooth with a replacement artificial tooth . The main difference here is not only do these look great but they are anchored into the jaw making them strong and allowing the person to eat properly once more. For some people, however, significant bone loss in the jaw may have occurred meaning that to have this procedure, it may be necessary to have a bone graft prior to the dental implant procedure being performed.

For those who have a full set of dentures to replace a whole arc of missing teeth, special dental implants can be used, in a process called all on 4, to replace the dentures and instead anchor firmly into place, a fixed bridge. These are attractive to look at and will not become loose, leaving the person with the same freedom as if they had a full set of natural teeth.

Of course, although these procedures are safe to be performed on older people, it is still advisable to check with your doctor if you are unsure if a pre existing medical condition may cause a problem. If you get the all clear though, why not call your cosmetic dentist and see if you can bring that smile back to life in your later years.

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