Is Tooth Whitening at Home a Good Idea?

The risks of home tooth whitening

It is only natural that we want to keep our teeth looking as nice as possible. When we talk to a person, we almost inevitably notice their smile, or lack of it, and can easily judge a person based solely on this. However, as we get older, our teeth will naturally darken as the molecules in our teeth change colour. We can delay this happening by not smoking or drinking red wine for example, but we can only delay it for so long.

Naturally, toothpaste manufacturers have spotted this niche market and toothpaste advertisements are focussing largely on the tooth whitening capabilities of certain toothpastes. This is all well and good, and there may be some truth in what they say, however, for a number of reasons, such as safety concerns, the strength of the tooth whitening ingredients in these products are very weak and the difference in the result is likely to be barely noticeable.

For this reason, many people who have tried these toothpastes and not been happy with the results have moved to home tooth whitening kits. These certainly do have stronger ingredients and the chances are that you will notice some difference after using them. However, there are a couple of issues that you should consider if you are thinking of taking this option. Firstly, although the ingredients are stronger than in the toothpastes, they are still relatively weak and you will not see a dramatic change like you would if you were to have your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist. Secondly, because the ingredients are stronger, this means that the chemical involved is more dangerous. Now, when we say dangerous, it will not cause you any serious harm, however, whitening your own teeth is a very fiddly and tricky procedure which if done incorrectly, is likely to cause the whitening ingredients to get onto both your lips and gums. This can cause burning and quite a lot of pain.  This is not something that happens rarely but is a regular complaint of those that have tried it. Many people who come here to have their teeth whitened have tried this method and regretted it.

By far the best option is to have your teeth whitened professionally by our Harley Street cosmetic dentist. This is still the most popular procedure for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the whole procedure takes just under an hour and so people often fit this into a lunch break. Secondly, because the dentist can apply the whitening gel much more easily than if you try at home, the strength of the ingredients are much stronger and you will see significant and instant results. Finally, a guard will be applied to prevent the gel from getting onto your gums and lips thereby preventing any burning from occurring.

From our perspective we would say that by all means try a tooth whitening toothpaste, especially if your teeth are just a little dull, however, home tooth whitening kits are to be avoided as they are too risky to be recommended. There is no substitute to a professional tooth whitening experience to bring you the instant and long lasting whiteness that you are looking for.

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