What does it feel like to have a Dental Implant?

A patient’s experience of having a dental implant

Despite the many pages of detailed information about dental implants that are available online, few of them actually touch on the real experiences of patients who have had the procedure. We thought that you might be interested in hearing the experience of a patient to give you an idea of what it actually feels like to have a dental implant.

“I lost a front tooth whilst cycling to work when I hit a pothole and fell from my bike. Thankfully, apart from a few bruises, I was relatively uninjured apart from one of my front teeth which was shattered and I knew quite quickly could not be repaired by a filling or even a crown. I consulted a Harley Street implant dentist who suggested that a dental implant would be the best option. I hadn’t even heard of these but after he had explained, it did seem to make sense so I gave the go ahead. The first stage involved the taking of an x-ray to ensure that there was sufficient bone for the implant to take – thankfully, there was. Other details were taken from these x-rays to ensure that the implant would be correctly fitted.

On the day itself, I was given a local anaesthetic and was told that this would stop me feeling any pain. I must admit that I wasn’t convinced by this and did wonder about taking up the option of conscious sedation in case I panicked. Eventually however, I decided that if I was going to allow a dentist to drill into my jaw, then I should really put my trust in him. Although I was expecting a lot of pain, when he drilled into the bone, it really didn’t hurt at all. Yes, I could feel a sensation but he explained afterwards that this would simply be the vibrations of the drill. Once the hole had been drilled, he carefully placed the dental implant into the hole. Once again, I felt nothing at all.

Once this had been done and I had got a lift home with a friend who I took for re-assurance, I did start to notice a little pain, well, not pain really but soreness. I suppose this is really to be expected and paracetemol took that away quite easily so there weren’t really any problems there. Initially, it was a bit of a nuisance restricting myself to softer foods but I knew it had got be done, and as the gums healed, I soon found myself eating normally again.

A few months later, I returned to have the crown placed on the dental implant. This was a simple procedure but I did opt for a little local anaesthetic as I’m such a coward when it comes to pain. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have needed it, but better safe than sorry I guess.

Initially I was a bit wary about eating harder foods as I felt that it could not be as strong as the dentist had suggested that it would be, but as my confidence grew, I overcame that and now I’m eating entirely normally and am happy to bite into almost anything that is put in front of me .. Well, as long as it doesn’t have marmite on it, but that’s another story”.

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