Gummy Smile Correction

Treatment to Improve Gummy Smiles – Harley Street Dentist

Although cases of gummy smiles are not overly common, it still affects a significant amount of people in the UK and has the ability to reduce confidence, making the person afraid to smile in public. Thankfully, gummy smile correction is now possible with a simple procedure.

First of all though; what is a gummy smile? It is when a person’s gums grow further down their teeth than is normally the case. Some people think that they simply have shorter teeth and whilst this may, on occasions be the case, it is much less common than having gums that grow further down the teeth than is usual. The result of having a gummy smile is that when the person smiles, not only do people see their teeth, but also a significant amount of gum. This is especially disappointing if they have had cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening or veneers, resulting in a beautiful white set of teeth. It seems such a shame to hide these. There can be many causes of gummy smiles; sometimes it may be side effects of medications, but mostly it is genetically inherited and not something that can be avoided, unfortunately.

A gummy smile correction procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic and involves using a laser or in some cases a knife, though modern technological advances means that most cosmetic dentists now user lasers. Using this laser or knife, a small amount of the gum that is covering the teeth is simply cut away and shaped to look entirely natural. Although, inevitably there will be some bleeding, this is usually minimal and the gums will fully heal within a fortnight.

Sometimes this procedure is also carried out on people who do not have gummy smiles. It can be used for gum reshaping, where the patient is unhappy with the uneven shape of the gums in their mouth. This procedure is usually less invasive and may only require a small amount of gum to be trimmed from the teeth.

The gummy smile correction procedure, despite its simplicity, can bring a lot of happiness back to the person’s life. Whereas previously, a person may have been reluctant to attend social events due to their gummy smile; once the procedure has been performed and the gums healed, a new confidence is usually found. With the knowledge that a smile will now show their beautiful teeth, and not their gums, social events become occasions to enjoy rather than endure.

If the thought of having your gums cut into does deter you from this treatment though, it is worth discussing this with our Harley Street cosmetic dentist. He may be able to provide conscious sedation during the procedure, enabling you to be entirely relaxed whilst still fully conscious during the gummy smile correction procedure.

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