Do Cheap Dental Implants Exist?

Why an investment in UK implants is worth it

Looking for cheap dental implants is a little like looking for the Holy Grail; it probably doesn’t exist. Of course, many more people are now looking to cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance. This may be due to the exposure of celebrities in our media on a daily basis, and of course, many people will want to follow the trends that they set.

Traditionally, a good cosmetic dentist has been sought out by the wealthy, however, as prices come down gradually, more and more people are considering having dental procedures done, however, many are still looking to cut costs whilst they do this.

Perhaps this is understandable in these difficult financial times, but as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. Unfortunately some people have chosen to ignore these wise words and have paid for it dearly. The main way in which this happens is that people are tempted by advertisements offering cheap dental treatments abroad. The most popular of these treatments is dental implants.  Because this is a simple yet sophisticated procedure, many are tempted to put their trust in a dentist that they don’t know (and who may barely speak the same language) and travel long distances abroad in order to receive cheaper treatment.

Blinded by the ‘special offers’, many choose to ignore the potential, and in some cases very likely, pitfalls of taking this route. Bearing in mind that each country has different standards for practising dentists, some may even have only had limited training, and certainly not specialised in dental implants. This would cause most people to stop and think  …”would I really want someone who wasn’t highly skilled drilling into my jaw bone?”. I think that for most of us, we wouldn’t take the chance. It is easy to make a mistake in this procedure unless fully trained. In fact, UK dentists train for several years before they are allowed to perform this procedure. This may well not be the case in Poland, Thailand or other countries.

Of course, you may well have heard of people who have had no problems and that is fine, however, if things do go wrong, what you selected due to low cost may turn out to be very expensive as you are likely to find that UK dentists will not touch a procedure that has been done abroad and you may have to go back to the same dentist. This means that you have to put your trust in a dentist that has already made a bad mistake and also have to pay for a second flight and most likely accommodation.

A much better option if you are looking for cheap dental implants is to accept that there is no such thing in reality and instead, investigate one of the dental plans that most good quality dentists offer in order to help their patients spread their payments over a period of months. You may pay a little more in the UK, but you can be assured that you will receive high quality treatment, something you can’t guarantee abroad.

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