Dentures vs. a Fixed Bridge

The advantages of a fixed bridge using all on 4 dental implants.

For a long time now, the standard procedure for replacing a full arch of teeth has been to fit dentures. Naturally, as time has moved on since they were first invented, dentures are now much better quality than they used to be. This is mainly thanks to modern dental technology and materials which results in the dentures looking more natural and also more comfortable to wear.

For many people though, dentures haven’t provided the solution that they thought that they would do. Whilst many are happy with the natural look of their dentures, they find that over a period of time, the dentures become loose and uncomfortable, often causing them great difficulty in controlling them during conversation or eating. As well as causing discomfort, this can be embarrassing in a social situation and can cause the wearer to gradually lose their confidence.

The reason for the gradual looseness is an overall deterioration in the jawbone caused by the lack of dental roots which indicates to the jawbone that it no longer has a job to do, and consequently, the bone density decreases and gradually changes the shape of the face. This leads to the dentures not fitting as well as they once did and can cause soreness of the gums as well as the other problems mentioned beforehand.

For those who choose to keep their dentures, often purely out of familiarity, there is a procedure available which uses just 4 mini dental implants, usually placed in the lower jaw to anchor the denture firmly in place. Not surprisingly this is generally known as denture stabilisation and which can be a great option for some.

Increasingly more popular though, is to abandon the dentures altogether and replace them using the all on 4 dental implant technique to hold in place a fixed bridge. This procedure uses 4 specially designed implants placed at specific angles to hold the bridge permanently in place. It is also particularly useful for patients who have lost bone and for whom traditional implants would require bone grafting.

Over recent years, dentists have generally agreed that this is the preferred method which offers the best results – this is born out by patients’ comments too!

The beauty of a fixed bridge is that, once it has been placed, there is no need to remove it for cleaning. You simply treat it exactly as you would for your natural teeth. This way, you can actually just forget that you have them in and get on with your life in the full confidence that they will not become loose and you can once more live a happy and self confident life.

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