Correcting Uneven Teeth

Veneers to Straighten Teeth – Harley Street

Do you ever wish that you feel more confident when you smile? Perhaps you are one of the people on the staff photograph that manages to force a smile without revealing your teeth.

For many people, this is a daily reality, often affecting a person’s confidence level. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most people are aware that orthodontics, or the fitting of braces, is a sure way to reposition teeth back to their rightful place; however, this can be a lengthy process and the braces themselves can be embarrassing to some (although invisible braces now make this less so).

What most people may not be aware of though is that there is a much quicker method sometimes referred to as ‘instant orthodontics’ but probably better known to most as dental veneers.

Dental veneers have long been used when a tooth has become severely discoloured; this simple procedure removes a very thin layer from the front of a tooth and replaces with a ceramic tooth veneer. This is applied in a very similar fashion to a false finger nail, using dental cement. Not only can these dental veneers be used to change the colour of a persons tooth; but in many instances, they can be used to change the shape slightly, evening out any crooked teeth and giving you back the kind of smile that will make you proud to reveal your new straightened teeth. Of course, the added bonus is that your teeth will now also appear much whiter.

The procedure itself is quite simple. Using a local anaesthetic, your cosmetic dentist will use a dental tool called a burr to remove the front of the discoloured, cracked or crooked tooth before taking an impression to allow the new veneers to be made. It is possible that, at this stage, temporary dental veneers may be fitted, especially if you have very sensitive teeth, but this will depend on each individual case.

Once the porcelain or ceramic dental veneers have been produced at a dental laboratory, you will need to arrange another dental visit to have them fitted. This is done quite simply and painlessly, using dental cement to bond them to the tooth. Once your dentist is happy that these have been positioned to give you straight teeth, any excess will be trimmed and they will be polished to give them the appearance of a natural tooth.

The very nature of these dental veneers makes them look entirely natural and related to your other teeth and provided that they are cared for with a good oral hygiene regime, these new veneers should give you about ten years worth of confidence in your new smile.

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