Crooked Teeth in Adulthood

‘Instant Orthodontics’ – Dental Veneers For Straight Teeth

It’s likely that many of you reading this article will be able to recall the trauma inflicted upon many a child during their school days when they turned up wearing dental braces. They say that children can be cruel, and this proved to be a classic case in point. It may even be that we joined in with the mocking too, whilst thinking that there but for the grace of god go I!

The flipside of this situation though is those children that were mocked, will, by now, have perfectly straight teeth, whilst those of us who didn’t have braces, can probably look in the mirror and wished that we had gone through the torment too. However, there is a viable dental alternative for straightening teeth quickly in adulthood….

Cracked, misaligned and badly stained teeth can be corrected using dental veneers, a process often referred to as ‘instant orthodontics’. A dental veneer is a very thin sliver of porcelain and can be considered to act like a false nail – although fitted a lot more precisely!

Our Harley Street dentist will shape the surface of your tooth and remove a small layer to accept the overlaying veneeer; next, a special, extremely strong dental cement is used to fix the veneers firmly in place. Our cosmetic dentist takes great pride in this process and done carefully, a great result is delivered. Dental veneers can be very successful even where a patient has quite a considerable gap between the teeth.

If you suffer from cracked, stained or misaligned teeth or are just embarrased about an obvious gap, please call our Harley Street dentist for professional help and advice. We are conveniently situated in the heart on London’s medical community and we will be msot pleased to assist.

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