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Dental Implants from Harley Street Dentist – Dr Anthony Zybutz

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth – perhaps lost through injury, old age or gum disease. They offer an advantage over traditional dentures in that they are permanent, integrate fully with the remaining natural teeth and gums and need no false palate or supporting structure within the mouth. Their permanence also negates the need for external cleaning and the use of special fixatives associated with the wearing of dentures.

Implants are also proven to restore natural oral functions to people who have lost teeth – for example where the eating function has previously been compromised by missing teeth, dental implants can bring an improved quality of life as the ability to eat properly is restored.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry overall is that it certainly helps to restore confidence and self-esteem. Aesthetically and functionally, dental implants provide an excellent and good looking substitute for natural teeth. Before the procedure begins our experienced Harley Street dentist will consult with you to ensure that the best match is made with your natural teeth.

Please contact us at the 39 Harley Street dental practice where our experienced London implant dentist and professional support team will meet with you to explain the full dental implant procedure and benefits.

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