Celebrities and Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeovers For Celebrities – How It All Started

Many of us probably first come across cosmetic dentistry after reading about a celebrity, who has had a procedure, in the daily tabloids. Of course, the usual procedures such as dental implants, veneers and tooth whitening are not available only to the rich and famous but are becoming increasingly popular through all sections of society across the world.

Whilst it is often presumed that a teeth whitening procedure is the most popular procedure favoured by Hollywood stars, research has shown (yes, they actually do research about such things!), that veneers are the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment amongst the Hollywood set.

Celebrity watchers have noted that, for example,  Anne Hathaway, who starred in the popular film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, seems to have had veneers fitted on her front teeth. Few are fortunate to have perfectly aligned front teeth which she has been noted to have. One giveaway sign is that her smile follows the exact shape of her lower lip.

Even British TV stars Anna Friel and Piers Morgan have confessed to having work done on their teeth whilst in the United States. One can only presume that pressure played a part to have this done whilst they were they though, as the UK has many top quality dentists that can perform these procedures.

But why is cosmetic dentistry so popular with Hollywood stars? Well, the obvious factor is that their facial features are often seen extremely close up on a big screen which, inevitably, must make them self conscious about their teeth. Although, to date anyway, no research has been done to compare film actors with theatrical actors, it is highly likely that there would be less emphasis on their teeth by theatrical actors due to the fact that their teeth are not seen close up whilst performing. There is also a historical precedent for film stars too. In fact, originally, cosmetic dentistry was often referred to as producing a ‘Hollywood smile’. It is rumoured that many top actors and actresses had quite appalling teeth due to smoking and drinking and came under pressure from film directors to have their teeth whitened, usually with dental veneers. Of course, at this early stage the veneers were purely cosmetic and would have a very short life span, unlike modern dental veneers.

Thankfully, though, cosmetic dentistry reaches a much wider demographic and is increasingly on the radar of younger people especially. Perhaps for too long now, the British have had a poor reputation for taking care of their teeth and have especially been the butt of many American jokes. This is likely to change, however, as people gradually start to reconsider their teeth and look at ways of improving not only their health, but also their facial aesthetics .

Taking care of our teeth too, will also affect our physical features. Lost teeth, for example, means that our jaw bone gradually thins, and this can change the shape of our face significantly, often resulting in a ‘drawn’ look. Modern cosmetic dentistry however can now remedy this with dental implants, one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures around.

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