Cosmetic Dentistry – Can I Afford It?

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry – Harley Street London

There is no point in denying that cosmetic dentistry costs money, and the fear of spending money, especially in difficult financial times, is probably one of the biggest factors that prevents people from having work done that would improve their quality of life significantly. However, by putting off treatment today, you may well be building up bigger and worse problems for the future.

There is no need to simply ‘make do’ with poor quality and unpleasant looking teeth when other options are available – most cosmetic dental treatments offer a big improvement in many areas, both cosmetic and practical and they are more affordable than you might think.

An example of this is if you are a denture wearer. Most people would agree that dentures aren’t the most comfortable thing to have to wear, but up until relatively recently, they were the main option available. Now however, more and more people are having dental implants and especially mini dental implants fitted. This offers a strong tooth that feels and acts very similar to a natural tooth and means that they can chew and eat whatever they want without having to worry about the effects on their dentures.

Dental implants also don’t come loose and can last in the region of 30 years if cared for correctly. This is another aspect of the cost to consider; if you divide the cost of a dental implant by 30 years and compare this to the maintenance cost of dentures, it suddenly seems a much better option financially as well as practically. For those who still wish to retain their dentures, these can also be held in position by using mini dental implants thereby preventing them becoming loose and uncomfortable or even worse, falling out!

Discoloured teeth too can benefit from a tooth whitening procedure, or if in too discoloured a state, dental veneers can be fitted. This increase in the whiteness and generally improved look of persons’ teeth gives them much more confidence which in turn will affect all areas of their lives. Can a price really be put on this?

In fact, many cosmetic dental procedures will give a person both confidence and self belief, factors that have been proven by studies to significantly offer a person a distinct advantage on the career ladder in addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits.

So, if you are considering having some cosmetic dentistry but are perhaps undecided because of cost, ask yourself how much better your life would be afterwards and then contact us about our affordable dental options. We will consult with you about the best, most affordable options available.

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