Can Dental Implants Go Wrong?

Dental Implants > 97% Success Rate

One of the most common fears that people hold about dental implants is, what if they go wrong and how likely is it that this might happen?

Well, the good news is that you can relax. Dental implants have an extremely high success rate of over 97%. But, I can hear you say, that’s still three in every hundred that go wrong, what if I am one of them?

Whilst it is true that a little fewer than three in a hundred dental implants go wrong, the circumstances which cause this are often avoidable. Although patients are asked for their medical history prior to any implant placement, some unfortunately still prefer to hide certain facts and also what medications they are on. Unfortunately, some illnesses and the side effects of certain medicines can cause problems for the placing of dental implants, and this is why we request that you provide us with the fullest information possible in order that we can ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for implants or whether an alternative, such as dentures, needs to be considered instead.

Another major factor for the failure of dental implants is that some patients simply refuse to believe that smoking and excessive drinking can affect the health of their teeth and gums. Unfortunately, especially smoking but also alcohol can hinder the recovery period and in some cases, cause the bone in the jaw not to bond with the titanium implant. Your dentist will advise you to stop for a period of time both before and after the implant procedure and you should abide by this if you wish to have trouble free implants. If you feel that you really can’t stop smoking for this short period, then, perhaps another alternative should be sought.

It is possible too, that bacteria may be present in the jawbone prior to implantation and this can cause a rare rejection of the implant itself. Usually, however, a prior examination will reveal this and it can be treated beforehand to give your new implants a great chance of success.

Although it is quite possible to find internet postings on forums about how dental implant procedures went wrong, as well as the above factors, many people have travelled abroad for their implants. Whilst this may seem cost effective at the time, and there certainly are some good dentists abroad, the problem is often that this is difficult to verify as most of the countries that offer cheaper prices for dental implants are likely to have completely different qualification standards to this country.

For this reason, we recommend that, should you wish to have dental implants, you choose a fully qualified UK cosmetic dentist and follow their advice carefully; just a little patience will leave you with a strong healthy dental implant that may last you for over thirty years.

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