Life Enhancing Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits – Dr Zybutz Harley Street Dentist

Many people’s experience of dental treatment has probably been at their local dentist, perhaps on the NHS. Whilst NHS dentists certainly have a role to play in the health of the nation, by their very nature, they are somewhat limited in the procedures that can be performed.

Perhaps the word ‘cosmetic’ doesn’t really encompass the complete role of a cosmetic dentist. Whilst some treatments such as tooth whitening and veneers can largely, but not exclusively, be considered cosmetic, other procedures such as dental implants not only work to make a person’s teeth look more attractive, but have the practical advantage of enabling a person to eat correctly without fear of breaking a tooth. In fact, many of the procedures carried out by dentists generally are life enhancing. One good example of this is the prevention of gum disease and plaque build up. Recent studies have shown that there may be a link between plaque and heart disease, so a simple procedure to clean the teeth of plaque may actually result in the prolonging of life itself.

All cosmetic dentists, of course, have rigorous and extensive training, but by nature, some will be better than others at their trade. Some of the cream of the profession are the cosmetic dentists in Harley Street, London; the centre of medical and dental excellence in the UK.

Some people have, concerned by potential cost, opted to go abroad for their cosmetic dental treatments, especially dental implants, usually visiting Eastern European countries or even travelling further afield to countries such as Vietnam. Whilst it is important to note that there are many highly skilled dentists in these countries, who they are can be extremely difficult to verify as standards differ widely. A mistake in choosing the correct dentist abroad can have devastating effects on a person’s teeth, and, of course, if anything does go wrong, it can be difficult and very expensive to return abroad for a follow up to correct the mistake, and indeed, it may be better to have any problems rectified in the UK, rather than risk even further damage.

So, if you perhaps visit your own dentist on a regular basis and your teeth are in reasonable condition, you may wish to consider further treatment, not only to keep your teeth healthy, but also to improve their appearance. One of the most common treatments is to have a tooth whitening process. This simple procedure can be done in a lunch break and will whiten your teeth by a factor of around seven, depending on the discolouration of your teeth. If this does not whiten your teeth sufficiently, there are other treatments available, such as dental veneers, that your cosmetic dentist will be only to happy to discuss with you.

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