All on 4 Teeth in a Day Dental Implants

Harley Street Same Day Dental Implants : London

When we have to visit a dentist; most of us would prefer for a treatment to be completed that same day rather than having a number of appointments to complete it.

So it may come as a surprise to know that you can actually have a whole new smile in a single day using dental implants in a process called ‘all on four’.

This process allows four dental implants to be placed into the jaw at strategic points, two of which are placed at an angle which ensures that it will act as an anchor for the replacement teeth, typically a fixed bridge. The placement will be determined by using CT scanning to ensure that they are placed precisely in the correct area for the procedure to be a success. This process rarely needs any bone grafting prior to it so is ideal for nearly all patients. The implants are specially designed to be used immediately and there is no need to go through the waiting period of a few months as is the case with standard dental implants.

Even if you need to have teeth extracted on the same day, the implants can be placed and the new replacement teeth attached. Naturally the whole procedure is done using a local anaesthetic so no pain should be felt during it.

Once the same day dental implants have been placed, the attachments will be added and any adjustments made, and you will be able to leave the dental practise with a brand new set of beautiful straight and white teeth.

You may find that your mouth is a little sore the following day but this should ease fairly quickly. It may be surprising to know that many people find that they can eat a light meal of soft food the very same day as the procedure and in most cases, there should be no problem in returning to work the following day. Naturally, it is of course wise, to build up your eating habits slowly, starting with softer foods and increasing gradually.

Once your new teeth have been fitted, it is important of course to take good care of them and follow a good oral health regime. The good news too is that not only will you receive a brand new set of teeth but will also rediscover your confidence not only in eating and smiling but in your general life also. As it has been proven that confident people do better in life and have better careers, this can only be a good thing and definitely something to smile about!

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