Dentures vs. a Fixed Bridge

The advantages of a fixed bridge using all on 4 dental implants.

For a long time now, the standard procedure for replacing a full arch of teeth has been to fit dentures. Naturally, as time has moved on since they were first invented, dentures are now much better quality than they used to be. This is mainly thanks to modern dental technology and materials which results in the dentures looking more natural and also more comfortable to wear.

For many people though, dentures haven’t provided the solution that they thought that they would do. Whilst many are happy with the natural look of their dentures, they find that over a period of time, the dentures become loose and uncomfortable, often causing them great difficulty in controlling them during conversation or eating. As well as causing discomfort, this can be embarrassing in a social situation and can cause the wearer to gradually lose their confidence. Continue reading

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Tooth Reshaping

A minor cosmetic dental procedures offering great results – tooth reshaping

Mostly, we perhaps don’t look too closely at our own teeth unless there is an obvious defect such as a large chip in our tooth which may need bonding or even a dental veneer fitted. Usually though, if we inspect our teeth closer, we will notice quite a few minor defects in them such as small grooves or uneven edges perhaps. Whilst these are not major problems, they do have an effect on our ability to have a perfect smile. Our Harley Street cosmetic dentist though, offers a procedure which can resolve these problems and is called tooth reshaping or sometimes, tooth contouring. This is done by polishing the teeth in order to remove a very small amount of the enamel from the surface of the teeth. This will usually be done to all of the teeth surrounding the ‘faulty’ one so that have a consistent appearance. This is a simple procedure that involves no discomfort at all and is nearly always done without anaesthetic. Continue reading

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At what age is it safe to consider a dental implant?

A dental implant is the ideal solution for replacing a lost tooth but cannot be done too early.

A question that we often get from parents and especially those who have had dental implants themselves and understand their value is whether their children can have dental implants. Whilst this is understandable as no one wants to see their child missing a tooth and it is now widely acknowledged that dental implants are the best solution for a missing tooth, providing strength, longevity and aesthetically pleasing results. However, dental implants are not always the correct solution and this is the case for children up until a certain age. Continue reading

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Should I see a general or cosmetic dentist?

Why a cosmetic dentist may be the best choice

Dental care is something that many people take for granted, however, there are many people who perhaps missed an appointment several years ago and never re-arranged it. Although they may feel that they have no need to visit a dentist, the reality is that this type of neglect will catch up with them in the years to come, perhaps resulting in a painful procedure to rectify a long neglected problem. Some recent studies have also linked some dental problems such as plaque build up to heart disease and other problems although these studies are in their early stages. Continue reading

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What can a cosmetic dentist offer you?

Some advantages of cosmetic dentistry

It’s probably safe to say that most people would much rather have an attractive white smile than one which revealed yellowing, crooked or broken teeth. Strangely enough though, whilst most people do keep regular dental appointments, these are usually ‘maintenance’ only ones which result in the odd filling or extraction and very rarely anything that will actually improve the appearance of the teeth such as veneers or even a dental implant. As Bob Dylan once said though, ‘the times they are a changing’ and increasingly, we see people turning to cosmetic dentists around the country to improve the visual appeal of their teeth as well as the actual structure. Continue reading

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Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Treatment for migraine in Harley Street London

Migraine is suffered by a great many people across the UK.  The symptoms vary but are often described as a severe pounding or throbbing pain in the head. These can last for up to several days although usually they last for several hours, but even that is several hours of intense pain and suffering. Light sensitivity is also a common issue for many and the overall effect of migraine can be to prevent a person going about their daily business until it has passed. Continue reading

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The Facts About Porcelain Veneers

Repairing broken and stained teeth for a great smile!

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental product which are custom designed to be applied specifically for your teeth.  They are a very useful component as part of a complete smile makeover to change your appearance.  These veneers are utilised as a smile transformation method to align, shape, and lighten attractive smiles and are able to be employed to straighten teeth that might sometimes call for the need for braces.  Porcelain dental veneers are also widely used to cosmetically enhance unsightly teeth by hiding chips, gaps and other defects. Continue reading

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry in London

Conservative dental treatment to preserve natural tooth structure

The dental sector has, for some time, been undergoing a change. Long gone are the days when dental surgeries looked like something from a 1950s era Soviet Union propaganda film, with stark white walls and stern looking dentists. The new breed of dentists, especially those within the private cosmetic dentistry sector, have long realised that if given a choice, patients will choose the dentist who they not only feel will do the best job, but will also treat them as a human being and not just an object to perform dental surgery on. Continue reading

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Is Tooth Whitening at Home a Good Idea?

The risks of home tooth whitening

It is only natural that we want to keep our teeth looking as nice as possible. When we talk to a person, we almost inevitably notice their smile, or lack of it, and can easily judge a person based solely on this. However, as we get older, our teeth will naturally darken as the molecules in our teeth change colour. We can delay this happening by not smoking or drinking red wine for example, but we can only delay it for so long. Continue reading

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Cosmetic Dentistry for Older People

The Older Generation Can Really Benefit From Cosmetic Dentistry.

It is often thought that cosmetic dentistry is only for the young and potentially beautiful. What, then, happens as we get older as we all hopefully will? There is no doubt that we will not look the same as we did in our youth, in fact, as each cell is replaced every seven years, some may say we are a different person altogether! That aside however, ageing is a fact of life and one that has advantages such as wisdom etc. Very few of us though appreciate the more negative aspects of getting older, especially our appearance. The good news is that we can at least do something towards looking good, even in our later years. Continue reading

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